You Won’t Believe Who SZA Teams Up With in Her Sensational “Snooze” Music Video

SZA just dropped a new video for her song “Snooze” and it’s gonna get your attention. It’s got some pretty big names in it, like Justin Bieber and Young Mazin from “Beef” and Woody McClain and Benny Blanco, who’s a great songwriter and producer.

From left: SZA, Justin Bieber, Young Mazino, Woody McClain and Benny Blanco

SZA’s new music video “Snooze” dropped on Friday

It’s all about these famous guys taking on the role of her lovers. From lounging on the park bench to snuggling up in bed, the couples engage in all sorts of activities, from horseplay to bickering – especially between her and her co-star McClain, who plays video games all by himself. The director was Bradley J. Calder.

Bieber and SZA haven’t worked together yet, but they had a lovely date in March when Justin and Hailey went to SZA’s show in LA. Mazino is a rising star who was nominated for an Emmy for his special supporting role in “Beef”. McClain is an actor who has worked on shows like “Harder They Fall” and “New Edition Story” and has also had some notable credits. Blanco is well-known for his work writing and producing hits for artists like Bieber and Katy Perry, as well as Maroon 5 and Kesha, and he even contributed to two songs on her second album “SOS.”

SZA New Music Video

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The fifth single from SZA’s new album

“Snooze,” has been an enormous success – it’s already double platinum with 700 million streams around the world! It’s also made it to the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is SZA’s fifth time in the top 10 from her new album. Plus, it’s still number one on Hot R&B Songs for the fifth week in a row!

SZA is the one who wrote and recorded the song “Snooze.” The rest of the production comes from Babyface and BLK, as well as Leon Thomas (of the Rascals) and Khris (of The Roots).

SOS has been a huge success since it dropped in December. It’s already had 8 billion streams around the world and has been certified triple platinum. Plus, it’s been number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart for 10 weeks! It’s got a bunch of your favorite songs on it, like Kill Bill, Shirt, I Hate U, Good Days, and Nobody Gets Me.

To make things even more exciting, SZA just dropped a new four-track ‘Snooze’ set on Friday. It’s got a bunch of different versions of the song, like sped-up versions and instrumental versions.

Snooze is one of the most captivating songs on SZA’s second album “SOS.” It’s been given a personal and intimate makeover in the new music video. We get to see SZA cuddle up, smoke a cigarette, go for a swim, have a chat, and dance with a bunch of famous faces, including Justin Bieber and Woody McClain from Power Book II, the gorgeous Young Mazino from Beef, and the amazing super producer and songwriter, Benny Blanco. He’s also a close pal of SZA’s.

Bieber was there with his wife Hailey at her show in LA in March.

In addition to the video, there’s also a 4-track version of the song in the collection, which is a sped-up version of the original.

The album has been certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and has received more than 8 billion streams worldwide. The extended version of “SOS” will be released later in the year, featuring 10 additional bonus tracks. SZA has exclusively composed the lyrics for “Snooze”, while Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, the Rascals, Leon Thomas, and BLK are responsible for the production and writing of the song.

Snooze is the fourth song on the album to make it to the number-one spot on the charts. It’s followed by Kill Bill, Shirt, and I Hate U. It’s still top of the charts on both the rhythm and urban mainstream radio charts. Plus, it’s been at the top of Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs chart for five weeks and the hip-hop airplay chart for nine weeks.

The singer-songwriter is getting ready for her second tour of “SOS” and will be performing all over North America. Her tour kicks off on September 20th in Miami at Kaseya Center and you can check out all the dates below.

Even so, the sweetest and most personal dance moments are reserved for a specific section of the video that you’ll only get to see with your own eyes.

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